There are 3 types of startups:

  1. The ones who have money with no team
  2. The ones who have a team with no money
  3. The ones who have both

If you are #2 or #3, we can become friends but we have nothing to talk about business.

We can help you if you are #1.

As #1, you can fall into one of three categories:

  1. You have an idea and need a quick MVP to test out soon (cheaply)
  2. You already tested with a MVP and now want to develop the main product (seriously fast)
  3. You are expanding, and your team's busy, so you want to outsource (smartly)

Your product can be an app or a website, we can do it. If you already have the ui/ux, lovely. If not, we'll handle that for you too.

But more agencies nowadays write poor code, try to push through one year, and only then handle you the code, and then you have to rewrite it again. We are not like them. With us you also get a tester. And we hire a separate code reviewer who gets paid the most bugs he can find.

So you can put us on a test drive. Give us 10 hours and give us a few requirements, let us show you our ability, then give us $100 for a team burger. Test us before you trust us. Let's dinner date before getting married on a contract.

If you like us, let's start working.

We live by 4 principles:

  1. One of our project manager will sit with you, discuss your requirements, then together list down the features
  2. Next we'll talk with our developers and figure out a timeline for each and set certain milestones
  3. We'll come back to you with the milestones and timelines for consensus/feedback
  4. Then we prepare a contract and sign it after mutual agreement

If you are not a technical person but have a technical co-founder or friend, we recommend bringing them on while discussing with us. They'll know everything better, they can sniff if we are charging you more or trying to scam you.

If you don't have an in-house product manager or don't wanna deal with them, some agencies can't help at it. But we do it.

We don't just care about money. We'll sit with you and discuss all your requirements first. We care for your projects like it's our own. At a time only one of our team is working on one project. We don't make one team work on 5 different projects.

If we are talking with you and you don't know technical terms, we never use them with you to confuse you or charge more.

But mind you, we'll never give you daily updates. We don't want to stress you every single day. But we take a milestone and crack it for you. Then come back to you with results. But we are ready to discuss anything at any time. And we'll surely sit every two weeks to discuss progress and schedules.

Our payment overview:

  1. After every one milestone delivery, we receive our payment for that milestone
  2. Yes we are in a contract but after our project is completed, all works remain our property until full payment is received
  3. If we require a little extra time (rarely) to fix something, that's on us. But if you require a new feature out of a sudden, the team has to put in some more time, so it has to be added in a signed addendum and paid in extra
  4. If we ever stop your project in the middle of the contract, we'll refund you all the money we took so far. If you end the contract before the expiry, we don't mind.

An agency just gets paid and if fired, don't care. They can just find another client. But what if the incentive of the agency is to have a great value in this world? Become the best brand?

That we are.


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